Preparing for Your Newborn Session



Tips for a Successful Newborn Session




Babies tend to sleep through their session best within the first 14 days of life. Newborn acne and colic also can sometimes flare up after 14 days, so I do recommend scheduling your session as soon as you feel up for it. However, I know adjusting to life with a newborn and labor recovery is not easy so please make your comfort and sanity a priority! I want you to look back on these images and remember a sweet time with your little one, rather than stress and discomfort! 

We will pick a time of day that you feel works best for your little one. Some babies are very cranky in the evenings while others sleep peacefully after 5:00pm. Every baby is different, and often unpredictable, but try to notice during that first week if your little one has a "happy hour."

Right before your session, please feed and burp your little one to ensure a happy, sleepy, "milk drunk" baby. I'm also happy to take a break if baby needs to re-fuel at any point. A well fed baby is a happy baby! 


Please open all of the blinds and curtains prior to my arrival for the session. I prefer to use natural light whenever possible, although I will come prepared with my lighting equipment if it is needed.  

Babies will sleep much better in a warm environment! I will bring a space heater to keep the space that we are working in warm, especially if we decide to undress your baby. If you can handle it without being drenched in sweat yourself, you can even crank up the thermostat to 75-80 thirty minutes before I arrive. 

If you have older children in the house that might be loud, try to find a friend or family member to keep them away and occupied while we get the required images of your little one. If you would like your other children included in the shoot, we can bring them in at the beginning or end for the required time to shoot them. I will also bring a white noise machine if we find that helps the baby. 


Above all else, wear something that makes you feel comfortable and confident! You just had a baby, so I know the last thing you want to do is get dolled up, but make sure you dedicate plenty of time to spend on yourself. For some, this might mean getting your hair and makeup done by a professional, or treating yourself to a manicure - whatever it takes to make you feel confident! 

Avoid large patterns or too many bright colors since we want your baby to stand out in all of the images. You can coordinate with your spouse/children, but don't feel like you have to make your outfits match exactly! There will be more depth to the images if we have a variety of tones and shades. 

Be Patient! 

Please don't feel stressed or impatient if we have to stop and burp after 3 minutes! Or have to change a diaper. Or feed again. Or stop and offer a pacifier. I understand that is all part of the process, and staying relaxed to create a calm environment will be the best thing you can do for your little one!

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