Family Sessions

Thank you for considering Brianna Joseph Photography to capture a moment of your life and loved ones! I believe a photograph is meant to remind us of the moment that was capture, not just the subject. Every time you look at your photos, you will see more than the image itself - you will remember how you felt when it was taken. I want these photographs to remind you of a unique season of your life and an enjoyable experience with people you love.

Because of this, I shoot with lifestyle elements, meaning I focus on observing and capturing the unique interactions and connections within your family rather than heavily posing during the sessions. The pure moments between your family will be the ones you treasure most. 


In the few weeks leading up to your session, I will have deliberate and meaningful conversations with you so I can get to know what you value and would like to capture. We will plan what sort of activities will fit your family so I can capture genuine interactions. We will make sure to capture a selection of posed individual and group portraits, but these will be interwoven throughout the session. 


No matter what type of session you choose, you will receive digital images with printing rights via an online gallery. You can order prints direction from your gallery as well as easily share, favorite, and download your images. You can view a sample gallery here: 


Mini Lifestyle Session

20 Minutes

10-20 Digital Images 


This is typically fast-paced and high-energy so I can fit as much as possible during the session. Mini sessions are usually scheduled for park locations or somewhere "new" to your children so we have an extra element of excitement and exploration.


Full Lifestyle Session

60 Minutes

40-60 Digital Images


Full Sessions are structured similar to Mini Sessions except that we are guaranteed more time and variety to capture images. A full session also provides the option to have multiple locations and wardrobe changes. 


Documentary Session

Starting at 2 Hours 

200-300 Digital Images

8x8 Keepsake Album



Documentary Sessions capture the every-day life in an artistic and memorable way. These sessions are typically shot in-home. Your home is a physical representation of your place of rest and belonging. Whether you've lived there for a few months or a few years, your memories are inextricably tied to the spaces where they take place. Your children will be most free to be themselves where they are most familiar. 

I schedule these starting at 2 hours to give time for the ice to break. I know having a stranger with a camera in your home is not part of the every-day so it does take time for you and your children to adjust and feel normal.

Because Documentary Sessions are so intimate and personal, I never use these images in public marketing without your permission. 

This session also includes an 8x8 Keepsake Album to remember the day. 

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